Psychedelic Horseshit Think Sundays Suck Too

I first heard about this lo-fi band back in 2009. They were shit talking Nathan Williams of Wavves before that whole Primevera thing and one of them even wore a “Wavves Suxx” t-shirt for a show he played with Wavves. Aside from that though, I hadn’t heard much more until I heard about this project they started today called “Shitty Sundays.” Damn, these dudes have me beat. They’re meaner and they like saying shit more than I do.

Dangerous Minds tipped me off to this stuff. Basically, they’re releasing their first major release on UK’s FatCat called Laced on May 16th and in the run up to the album, they’re ripping on Kanye West’s Good Friday idea. Every Sunday, they’re gonna release three songs until the album’s released. These songs range from covers to alternate takes to….uh…DJ mixes? Right…Anyways, those are coming up. I haven’t heard the album yet, but after taking a look at some clips from the past albums on youtube, I can kind of dig their style. It’s lo-fi psychedelic (duh) with elements of folk and even more lo-fi. Sound confusing? Yeah, it is.

You can get the first edition of Shitty Sundays here. For more technical stuff about them, click here. Check out the songs below if you want a good idea of what they sound like.

Out of Control No. 36 

Endless Fasicination 


Let Down (And Hanging Around) 

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