The Stone Roses to Reunite?

I’m not jumping the gun on this one, because reporting info from tabloids is never really a good idea. However, some somewhat exciting news is that Ian Brown and John Squire have apparently buried the hatchet according to the Sun. 15 years after the band split, reports are saying that the abrasive duo reunited at a funeral for bassist Mani’s mother and that a band reunion is now more possible than ever.

I know that most (if not all) people who look at this blog will have no idea who the Stone Roses are, because like they’re predecessors Oasis, they never really made it in America. Can’t really blame America for getting the fever though. While their debut is probably one of my favorite albums to come out of Britian, their second and final album took too long to be released and wasn’t anything special. Even if band chemistry didn’t deteriorate, the band wasn’t exactly making progress.

However, their debut album is a work of art on it’s own. It is debatable whether it inspired the Britpop movement back in the 1990’s, but seeing as how it inspired the biggest Britpop band at the time (Oasis), I would say it was an inspiration.

All of that said, if a reunion is a reality, I can’t tell if I’m excited for it or not. First off, if they were to record a new album, how would it sound with 15 years apart from the last one? We’ve already seen how band reunions inspired shitty comeback albums (see The Stooges’ “The Weirdness” or Jane’s Addiction’s “Strays”) so how can we know it will be even worth it. Second, most of these British bands don’t EVER play America. The recently reunited Pulp have said that they are not hitting up America and when Oasis used to play the States, they’d never venture outside their comfort zone (major cities like New York, Chicago, etc.). That’s understandable, seeing as how their fanbase isn’t nearly as strong in America. That blows for kids like me though, who grew up in Bumfuck Nowhere and who’s only escape from that bullshit was records from the Stone Roses and others.

But all of the negative stuff aside, if this reunion is true and they are in driving range of Nashville, I’ll still go see them. Call it being a fanboy or something along those lines, but as long as they play mostly songs from their first album, I still think it’d be kind of cool to see John Squire shred guitar better than any of these punks here on “I Am the Resurrection” or be really stoned and hear “Waterfall.”

So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Since I know most of you are waiting the videos, look no further. If you have to check out only one, “I Am the Resurrection” is the best. Check them out:

UPDATE: Bassist Mani confirmed that the Sun was full of shit as expected. Oh well. It’s probably best this way anyways.

I Wanna Be Adored


I Am the Resurrection 

Fools Gold 

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