Noel Gallagher’s Solo LP Tracklist and Release Date?

I don’t like to jump the gun, but if a rumor is too good not to report, I can’t help myself. Especially if it concerns Noel, but then again, you probably already knew that. Yesterday, more details of his solo project leaked. This is real talk, kids. Not just “demos sound great” or “he’s in the studio hammering it out.” Nah, now we have a rumored tracklist AND release date. His brother Liam probably just shat himself.

The still untitled album is rumored to have a release date of October 3rd and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. ‘The Magic Can’t Be Right’
2. ‘Stop The Clocks’
3. ‘Freaky Teeth’
4. ‘Mile High Moon’
5. ‘Come On It’s Alright’
6. ‘God Help Us All’
7. ‘Don’t Stop Being Happy’
8. ‘Red, White And Blue’
9. ‘If I Had A Gun’
10. ‘I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine’

Die-hard Oasis fans like me know that a few of these songs have popped up in soundchecks or as unreleased demos. That said, AWESOME! Since Noel quit doing white lines, he has been steadily producing new and awesome tracks. His voice is better than Liam’s at this point and just based on the fact that he actually included the highly anticipated “Stop the Clocks,” this shit will blow Beady Eye out of the water. Can’t wait!

More rumors are coming in that Noel actually has two albums worth of material, but his management isn’t too happy with the second part. In true Gallagher fashion, he flipped them the V-sign and went on anyways. Awesome, how can you not root for this guy?

As an added bonus, I’ve included the demos for “Stop the Clocks” and “I Wanna Live in a Dream in My Record Machine” somewhere around HERE. If those tracks don’t get you pumped for this, it’s a lost cause. Check em out or the videos below.

Stop the Clocks

If I Had A Gun

I Wanna Live in A Dream (In My Record Machine)

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