Kurt Vile w/ PUJOL and Casa Castile – The End – April 6th, 2011

The End is lucky to attract a large crowd on any regular Wednesday night. Needless to say, they seemed to have found one solution to bringing such a crowd: put up-and-coming rocker Kurt Vile on the bill along with Nashville’s own Daniel Pujol and Casa Castile and you have a recipe for success. It wasn’t until this year that I began to frequent the End, possibly a result of my growing interests in the local Nashville music scene or the End stretching their own interests. With that said, I’m not too keen on the way they tend to do things. So when I showed up thirty minutes after doors opened to see the venue empty enough for the bouncer to come find me after forgetting to stamp my hand, I was slightly surprised (then again, perhaps it was my uncanny attire of shorts and flip-flops that gave me away). Regardless, there wasn’t much of anyone in sight except Daniel himself waiting outside with his cronies for the place to fill up.

Right before 10 o’clock that moment finally came and Daniel Pujol, without accompanying band members, took the stage (and by stage I really mean a cinder block on the floor right in front of the audience). As the Scene had reported earlier that day, Daniel was starting to mix things up, stating that his last show with his old band members would be at the Mercy Lounge on April 16th, switching between solo performances and a new list of band members just a couple nights before. Only having seen Pujol once before, I wasn’t too worried about seeing him by himself. As it turned out, the only thing that was really lacking was his stage presence, looking at his phone in between songs checking the time and joking around with his group of friends standing in front of him. But enough of the criticism, Pujol is a great artist and his song composition is ever-apparent with his solo act, with songs such as “Butterfly Knife” coming across just as strong as with a band. If you do get a chance to see his solo act, snatch it.

Promptly following Pujol was the 7-piece Casa Castile. The band opened to a largely vacant room, with most patrons dipping out for a break. I wasn’t really able to figure out their performance. It seemed to gain momentum towards the middle of the set, creating songs that mixed electronic, pre-recorded loops with their live instrumentation, eventually drawing a larger crowd that seemed pleased with what they were hearing. However, for me they weren’t really able gain any real momentum, largely as a result of their quirky style that varied too much from song to song for me to grab a hold of.  For those who stayed outside during the set, I wouldn’t say you missed out on too much.

Kurt Vile and band (the Violators as they’re termed) hit the stage at right around 12 o’clock. Right off the bat, Vile started knocking out song after song, not losing time to find his comfort zone. For those who have only heard Kurt’s recorded work, don’t be surprised at his somewhat different style live, with band members creating a entire unit than just Kurt focusing on his unique guitar playing as one would expect from his recent release Smoke Ring for My Halo. He and his band members played close to an hour long set that didn’t fall short of awesome. What highlighted the night for me however was the final song of the night, a solo piece that I had been waiting for all night titled “Peeping Tomboy”. Check it out below.

Peeping Tomboy – Kurt Vile

Butterfly Knife – PUJOL

One Response to “Kurt Vile w/ PUJOL and Casa Castile – The End – April 6th, 2011”
  1. Jordan Canio says:

    You frequent the End cause you’re a five minute walk from it. I was drunk as shit the last time we walked over, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that far.
    Oh and nice review.

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