The Hussy Ready New Album, Hit Up Nashville Soon

The Hussy are a guitar and drum duo from Madison, WI. What separates Bobby and Heather Hussy from the White Stripes wannabe bands is that the Hussy have more of a punk vibe. The guitar work is sick as fuck and the chemistry between the two shines during the short jams.

They have a new record coming out called Cement Tomb Mind Control. It comes out April 8th on Slow Fizz Records. From the sounds of the few tracks you can hear on their Bandcamp, the record sounds pretty fucking good. “Wrong/Right” and “Pushin’ My Luck” are definitely the stand outs of the four they let you hear. Check those out on the player below.

I haven’t seen them live, but word of mouth says these guys are pretty good. From the looks of youtube vids, their shows are energetic because they both are going off. Check out the Frequency video below. Bobby’s going off on that guitar like it’s made of rubber and I was wondering how long the drum set would last against Heather.

Apparently they’re planning to hit up Nashville and New York sometime this summer. Sweet. Hey Bobby, if you could wait til after summer school gets out, that’d be awesome. If not, fuck it, I’ll still be down to miss the next day of class if you buy the first round.

Tour Dates

4/28 – Madison – The Frequency w/ Sleeping in the Aviary, The Hussy, Midwest Beat

4/30 – Minneapolis – The Nomad – w/ Sleeping in the Aviary + Chelsea Boys

5/7 – Milwaukee – Cactus Club- w/ Midwest Beat, Wheels on Fire, TBA

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