TV on the Radio Make a Movie

Fuck hiatuses, TV on the Radio are back in full force. Upon dropping their new album today,  the band also dropped a trippy movie to go along with it.

Named after the album “Nine Types of Light,” the movie contains music videos for the whole album linked by the concept of being an antenna (the video explains it better than I can). I wasn’t a huge fan of the new album when I first heard it. Not that it’s bad by any means, I just really like Dear Science more. However, the video makes me appreciate the music more, which is exactly what a music video should do. It’s a good compliment to the album. The visuals help draw me into the music much more and get the story as where I would miss the minor details when listening to the album alone.

I know concept albums are overdone a lot and I’m not exactly sure if this album counts as a true concept album, but if it is, it’s one of the better ones. It’s not a half assed attempt to tie the songs together. The video makes it interesting from beginning to end.  For me at least. I don’t know, my attention span has been on the decline lately, so for something like this to hold my attention, it’s a REAL rarity.

These dudes haven’t added a Tennessee date to their tour schedule yet. C’mon dudes. That Lollapalooza show I saw half of was awesome. Don’t make me travel to Chicago again for another show (I would if I could but there’s a little thing called money that gets in the way of that and most of my other travel plans).

Anyways, blah blah blah, check out the video above. If you haven’t heard the new album, check it out too. The standouts for me are “No Future Shock” and “Caffeinated Consciousness.”

Will Do 

Caffeinated Consciousness 

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