Yuck on Daytrotter!

Wow, Daytrotter is getting cooler every week now. They are continuing their trend of putting bands I actually give a shit about by putting out a session with the relatively new band, Yuck.

I first heard about Yuck when they opened for the Smith Westerns at the End back in January. It would have been REALLY easy to make fun of this band if they sucked just because of their name. Seriously, think of the headlines you could spawn with that name (“Yuck SUCK”, “Fuck Yuck”, you get the picture). Luckily this band makes good music and are able to avoid this kind of ridicule.

The session’s pretty good. My favorite song would still be “Suicide Policeman.” If you have to listen to one song on this record, try that one. It’s not the best “single” or song that would sum up the band’s sound best, but then again, most bands’ best songs aren’t singles.

But blah blah blah, here’s the link to the session and some good songs via youtube for you guys who are unsure about downloading the session (to which I say, quit being an idiot, it’s FREE). And Daytrotter, keep it up. You guys are turning a new leaf and I dig it. Put up a Wavves session next week, and we’ll be best friends.

Holing Out

Suicide Policeman

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