Jesse Hughes Tells You How To Hit Coachella Right!

I’m bummed I couldn’t go to Coachella. Another reason I wish I lived in California. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket to this year’s sold out festival and you have no idea where to hit up after the shows, Jesse Hughes aka Boots Electric has got you covered.

He guides you through a bunch of a good bars to hit up after the shows or if you don’t want to watch Kings of Leon suck shit tonight. As an added bonus, you can hear some new tracks off of his solo album, Boots Electric, in the background of the tape. They sound pretty damn good. Check out the video. Hughes knows his shit.

No word just yet on when his solo album is coming out yet, but according to infamous Buddyhead main man, Travis Keller, the single is done and should be out soon on his new record label, Miracles. Can’t wait.

Check out some videos from his other band, Eagles of the Death Metal, to see why we’re stoked about Hughes solo stuff.

Wannabe In LA – Eagles of Death Metal

Speaking In Tongues – Eagles of Death Metal

2006 Buddyhead Interview

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