Gay Thoughts 7″ – The Growlers

Like I stated earlier, Record Store Day is like Black Friday now. Amongst the overwhelming amount of hipsters and fakes, I managed to snag the Black Angels’ Phosphene Nightmare, and saw a cool looking 7″. Turned out, it was from the band I was talking about earlier, The Growlers. Didn’t even knew they put out a record that day, but I bought one cause I dig their music.

“Gay Thoughts” isn’t a metaphor. The song is literally about gay thoughts. And it’s actually pretty cool. The horns in the background are a good compliment to the guitar melodies and gives the track a cool sound. The b-side “Feelin Good” is a slow but enticing track. The guitar and vocal melodies stand out the most and keep the flow of the song going.

Overall, it’s a solid release. Still stoked that these wild motherfuckers are gonna be playing at the End next month. That show’s gonna be nuts. Anyways, if you wanna hear the tracks for yourself, you can listen to them HERE and you can buy it HERE. The show at the End is May 21st. Come out to that.

Barnacle Beat

Sea Lion Goth Blues

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