Phosphene Nightmare – The Black Angels

I’m a fan of the Black Angels. I like all of their sixties throwback riffs and psychedelic tone. I was stoked that their b-side record, Phosphene Nightmare, was still available in the Record Store Day tent on Record Store Day. When I threw it on, I could see why it was a b-sides record. While the record certainly isn’t a nightmare, it’s not Phosphene Dream.

It opens with “The Boat Song”, a slow, but decent song for about 3 minutes. It suffers from the same deal a lot of the band’s songs on their album Directions to See A Ghost suffered from: the song is longer than it needs to be. However, the pace changes with “Entrance Song (Rain Dance Version)”, an awesome alternate take. It’s tripper and captivates you more than the original with it’s psychedelic undertones. The band’s psychedelic tone comes out more in the next song, “Melaine’s Melody.” It’s pretty mellow compared to the latter, but the organ during the bridge kills.

“At Night” isn’t too bad. I can hear the Velvet Underground tones pretty well. It’s cool for a bit but gets kind of boring. The VU trend continues onto “Ronnetes,” the next track. The kicks in the song however, revert back to more of the Doors sound, borrowing bits from songs like “The End” and “Riders on the Storm.” I like it though. The last track, “Choose to Choose,” is another VU-heavy sounding song. I could see Nico singing this. It’s not bad though, if you can get past that.

This album is pretty solid for the most part, but I can understand why most of these songs didn’t make it onto Phosphene Dream. It would have slowed down the album and messed with the good flow it had going. Glad I bought it though. Decent b-sides albums are hard to come by. Check it out some of the tracks below:

Melaine’s Melody MP3

Entrance Song (Rain Dance version) MP3

Melaine’s Melody

Entrance Song (Rain Dance Version)

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