“Cheap Time – The Singles” – Useless Eaters

I had heard about these dudes before, but never given their music a proper chance. They’re one of those bands you see getting sucked off on Nashville’s Dead, but since only about 25% of what Dead writes about is listenable, skepticism always follows. But I caved into getting this album and realized that this Memphis band kills.

Loaded with simple, but immersing hooks, this album’s impressive.  It might not be the biggest or best singles collection in the world, but it leaves you with a damn good impression. This is the kind of record you get when you’re ten from your older brother before he moves to college and helps you get started on the road to good punk records. It’s a decent introduction for beginners or a good throwback for people who dig punk riffs with a bit more to them. The bass lines make you want to nod your head, the guitar licks make you want to dance, and if those are lost on ya, the lyrics will keep you captivated. Judging by the imperfect but cool sound of the record, this is probably a badass live band. It’s got all of those little imperfections that seem like they can be smoothed out or sound even cooler when played live.

Standout tracks include “Panic Attack”, a Black Flag “Nervous Breakdown” track with more chaos and distortion. “Mr. Oscillations” is another great track. It’s a simple song with a simple guitar riff, but cool catchy lick at the end of the chorus. “Sucked In” and “Malfunction” are cool too and definitely deserve replay.

So if you want something that is going in the right direction that most Nashville punk needs to go in, check out this record. Could it get monotonous after too many listens? Probably, but as a record that you throw on every once in a while, it’s golden. Check out some of the singles from the LP below. I picked out the good ones for ya.

Panic Attack

Mr. Oscillations

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