1971 – Natural Child

Here’s my deal with Natural Child. While they have one or two songs that are worth noting, they kill themselves with the supposivly tongue-in-cheek stuff they do. Those first two singles had a couple of good riffs, but other than that, it sounded like they were trying to be catchy, but ended up sounding repetitive. That just didn’t sell me. The deal is, I wanted to like this band. They give throwbacks to the right bands, like weed more than I do, and seem like all around fun people. Unfortunately, the music does the talking on the new album once again. And it’s not as cool.

Don’t get me wrong, this album is filled with badass riffs and grooving bass lines. If it was an instrumental album, I’d probably think it was one of the best Rolling Stones throwback records that has been put out of Nashville. Before the naysayers get on me for saying that, the guitarist even referred to one of his guitars as a Keith Richards guitar (cause it had the same tuning) during their Grimey’s gig last week. Unfortunately, what slows down the overall sound of the band is the vocals and lyrics. They do fine on a couple of lines, but then the next few lines are just too dumb to be caught on record. Some lyrics sound like drunken improv you do when you’re playing the guitar at a party and trying to get a laugh out of the few people there. It might be semi-funny to a bunch of drunk people, but when I sober as a judge, it just feels lazy and kills the music for me.

In almost every review of this record, everyone’s trying to classify or look beyond all of the marijuana references to see these dudes as something else besides a stoner band. But seriously, they have one twitter account called naturalchild420. They released this LP on 4/20. Their show at Grimey’s last week was supposed to start at 4:20 PM. They make obvious nods to it on the record and past records. Fuck it, people. Even if you wanted to pretend there are discrepancies on the record to that theory, the band seems to make it pretty obvious that that’s what they’re going for. If not, they’re simply making shitty decisions. Everyone just needs to stop trying to tip toe around it and call a spade a spade.

Also, can anyone else tell the difference between this video (via Sinizine):

and this video?

Yeah me neither.

In closing, if these dudes dropped their goofy lyrics, their constant Stones and weed throwbacks (everyone digs both, but you gotta draw the line), they might have something here. Unfortunately, it seems like they still have their work cut out for them.

You can get “Hard Workin’ Man” right here, thanks to the Nashville Cream.

21 Responses to “1971 – Natural Child”
  1. Jon Conant says:

    Just saw them tonight man. They were good, great energy, but their between song banter was basically like “so yeah we smoke weed, we’re really stoned, and we’re gonna ramble and name drop the weirdest stuff possible”

  2. yeah says:

    does the dude in the middle have downsyndrome? they all seem 100% fucking retarded.

  3. Seth says:

    What kind of lyrics would you like? I’ll write that song for you. Just give me a subject and I’ll write all about it and the lyrics will be clever and tell a complete story just like a Chuck Berry song. Just because what we write about is current and modern doesn’t mean it’s not intelligent. The stuff most people are concerned with these days is stupid.

    Listen to the way we talk: “I was gonna tweet about your blog post, but I got so wasted last night I was hungover all day and I didn’t do shit. Oh yeah, I’m in school for graphic design.”

    The truth about our band is that we all sit around and talk about real topics that we feel relate to everyone our age, but for some reason lots of bands are too pretentious to write about. Usually the lyrics we write turn out to be funny because the things our generation preoccupies itself with are kind of worthless and it just makes sense to laugh at them because we know we’re guilty of that shit too.

    If that isn’t what thrills you, give me a topic relevant to your interests and I’ll write you a song and if it’s good we’ll play it around town for you.

    • Jordan Canio says:

      I’ll give you that our generation has dumb moments and that sometimes we need those to keep ourselves leveled. True, but to use that as an excuse for writing lazy lyrics on every song is unacceptable. You can relate to a generation without dumbing yourself down to them. It’s been done before.
      As for other bands being too pretentious to write about stuff real topics, you’re wrong. They just do a way better job at saying it besides “my girlfriends makes everyone think I’m gay, but that’s okay.”
      Don’t write me a song. Write me an album. Here’s the subject: something that’s not weed, the Stones, or any of the stuff mentioned in this album (especially working hard for your girl). If you can do that, shit, I’ll pay to see one of your shows.

      • Seth says:

        Shit, I’m sorry dude. I’m not trying to get into a whole internet fight with you. I was just trying to tell you that we aren’t stupid and our songs are good.

  4. loling says:

    The beavis and butthead comparison is golden. so good.

  5. Justin says:

    This review is garbage. Probably the best thing about this band IS their words. Sorry it ain’t poetic enough for you man, but I can relate to pretty much everything they sing about, and that’s why I like it. Come back to Milwaukee dudes! ASAP!

  6. BASED GOD says:

    where’s Casey to chime in? where oh where is the town crier?

  7. VacuumBoots says:

    Elaborate, please. You need to write about the music.

  8. BASED GOD says:

    “Don’t get me wrong, this album is filled with badass riffs and grooving bass lines. If it was an instrumental album, I’d probably think it was one of the best Rolling Stones throwback records that has been put out of Nashville.”

    i can has literacy?

  9. joost michielsen says:

    You Natural Child boys need to put down the pipe and have a serious talk with your distributor. I spent the last two days looking for your record here in Amsterdam, Holland, and it’s nowhere to be found.

    Then you need to pick the pipe up again and keep doing what you’re doing, because this is the greatest album I’ve heard in a long time. I know it’s only just begun but it’s already here: the debut of the decade! Congratulations, you rawk!

  10. joe says:

    this album rules, this band rules, helping to keep rocknroll alive, the words do exactly what everyone else should do, they cut the bullshit. just because you have a blog doesn’t mean people are supposed to read it, try and show a little more respect(i.e. good music and shit music?) to bands who bust their ass to do what they love.

  11. I like weed, too says:

    Natural Child songs with notably sick lyrics: 8AM, Let It Bleed(even if it is named after a Stones album)
    Natural Child songs with sick riffs: Every single one
    Natural Child songs that embody everything that is good and unholy about rock and roll: Every damn one god bless em.

    Part of being an objective journalist is being prepared for the negative/positive repercussions of a review. Just as you’re entitled to your opinion, 3 billion other people are also entitled to theirs. And they probably feel just as strongly as you do.

    I play music regularly here and am all about the sanctity of rock and roll. And the sanctity of good journalism(if that exists)

    Its harder than some people think to make the most classic rock and roll album of all time.

  12. Kira says:

    I love this album. I’m pushing 30, a hard working feminist with a good degree and big chip on my shoulder about the attitude of the youth of today. I can’t get enough of the lyrics ‘if you’ve got a problem baby I don’t wanna know, I just wanna smoke crack with my friends’. If I can dig it then shit why the fuck is everyone else trying to get serious and intellectualize these songs. They just rock, that is all. Get famous, tour the world and come to the UK. Give us a all a minor holiday from all these no-sense-of-fun-droids that a littering the planet. Love you boys.

    Also why does the dude in the hat have such a pink ear?

  13. bigteebomb says:

    Wow. I had no idea such a good band could have more than 2 or 3 haters. well fuck all of you assholes. I found Natural Child through they’re live show. Which was FUCKING AMAZING. So i listened to all of they’re releases. ONE BY FUCKING ONE. and all of it is outstanding.

    I guess some people can’t recognize amazing music when they hear it


    • Jordan Canio says:

      Look, I dig the band’s newer stuff a lot more, but if you honestly think that everything they’ve done is outstanding, maybe you’re the one who needs help recognizing good music when you hear it.
      Also, you hash tagged “stupid people suck” but I’m the idiot? Right then…

      • bigteebomb says:

        okie dokie asshole. i like the music. I’m a fan. you’re a douche. go rave about bands you actually dig instead of trashing bands your partial on for whatever attention seeking reason you have.


      • Jordan Canio says:

        You hit the nail on the head dude. I do all of this because I can’t afford therapy. Thanks for playing. By the way, you used the term “okie dokie” while acting tough behind some fake screen name and I’m the bitch? Go eat a bag of dicks.

      • bigteebomb says:

        You should probably learn to expect some negative feedback when you write a piece like that. don’t get so butthurt.

        also it’s a screen name.
        is this your first time on the internet?
        no ones hiding. no ones trying to act tough here.

        so. you know. fuck you and stuff.

      • Jordan Canio says:

        A few things and then I’m giving up on this shit. First, of course I expect negative feedback but idiots like you should except me to respond back to your drivel. Secondly, butthurt? You’re the one who came on here to bitch and whine about how not everyone likes your favorite band. Finally, screen names are for kids who still use myspace. Fuck off and grow up already.

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