Creation Records Documentary “Upside Down” Gets a DVD Release

The hyped documentary “Upside Down: The Creation Records Story” is coming to DVD on May 9th. Since their biggest days were back in the 90’s and across the pond, not too many people my age know their story. But they should and from the preview, it looks like the documentary gets the story from the right people.

Creation Records was a madhouse. A lot of record labels have seedy underground roots and do shady deals. It’s nothing new. The difference is, Creation was more upfront about it. Headed by madman Alan McGee, the man was a rockstar in his own way. He didn’t want a real job. He just wanted to drink and put out badass records. While he was just as heavily involved in drugs as the musicians he produced (he used to be able to hold his own with Oasis back in their cocaine days), he still managed to put out a lot of great records and help bands like Oasis, Jesus and Mary Chain and Ride get on the map. The documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the label and includes interviews from Noel Gallagher, Jim Reid, Gruff Rhys and the man himself, Alan McGee.

Since my birthday’s in a week, if anyone wants to get me something cool, this and a six pack will do. But seriously, check out the preview below. The ride might be over, but these guys definitely had a nice time.

One Response to “Creation Records Documentary “Upside Down” Gets a DVD Release”
  1. VacuumBoots says:

    Please learn to write before continuing with this blog. Instead of spending time bragging about your knowledge of Creation, how about you actually talk about the label. Your portrayal of Alan McGee is shallow and one dimensional and you never once mention My Bloody Valentine, who are just as important to the label as Oasis and JAMC. Where’s Primal Scream? Bobby Gillespie played a huge role in the label’s rise to acclaim.

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