Mini Mansions Premiere “Monk” Video

I’m late on this one, but since it seems like everyone else is late to this band to begin with, I think I can get a pass. Mini Mansions has become one of my favorite new bands. Their blend of psychedelic with pop hooks is dark but catchy. If Elliott Smith was still around and he wanted to make an album like Revolver or his own version of Smile, he would sound a lot like Mini Mansions. If you’re not into them, you should be.

They debuted the video for their single “Monk” at the end of March. The video’s…….unique. The whole doll thing is kinda creepy to me, but as a whole, the video is entertaining and original. These dudes really do have their own style.

Monk – Mini Mansions

They haven’t announced any new tour dates or anything since their drummer Michael Shuman is still slaying bass with Queens of the Stone Age, but once that tour is over who knows? In the meantime, buy their album or check out some of their songs below. They have a really cool and interesting cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass.” Yeah, I know how that sounds but they turn a cheesy disco song into a cool slow psychedelic pop jam. You’ll dig it. Promise.

Majik Marker

Kiddie Hypnogogia

Heart of Glass (Blondie Cover)

One Response to “Mini Mansions Premiere “Monk” Video”
  1. Ron says:

    Hahahaha whoever writes for this blog is an AWFUL writer! It’s gotten to a point where it’s just funny.

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