How the Internet Lets Bands Ruin Themselves

From my inbox yesterday afternoon:

Freddy Masz May 9 at 2:41pm Report
Hey man
Hey bud, I just saw that Bummer “article/review” you wrote and I just had to message you about it. Look, I’m sure you really enjoy your blog and you have fun doing it and it’s free speech and and you can give bad reviews to stuff, etc. Here’s the thing though, there is a huge difference between a bad review and criticism versus straight bashing someone on a personal level which is essentially what you did in your review. While I’m not too concerned because I’m pretty sure not enough people read your blog for it to matter, I just wanted to let you know that I’d rather have you send me a personal message about how much you don’t like things about me and my friends, such as where we go to school, than slander us on the internet. You don’t know how I’m able to go to Belmont so I’d suggest keeping quiet about it until you understand what you’re talking about. Enjoy your monday!

– Freddy Masz

4 hours later

Freddy Masz May 9 at 7:04pm Report
I hope you aren’t too much of a pussy to respond to my message
My Response
1) It’s not slander. Slander is spoken. In print, it’s libel. You’re not giving your school too much credit musically or academically.
2) If you’re not too concerned with what I write, then why are you messaging me on Facebook about a review that I wrote a couple of months ago? Insecure much, champ?
3) Regarding your bands, most of them are carbon copies of bands that have more talent than you. I’ll spell it out for ya: Enjoy your Tuesday!
24 Responses to “How the Internet Lets Bands Ruin Themselves”
  1. Emmett says:

    Pretty honored to be a less talented carbon copy of Liquor Store. Thanks!

  2. NewFanofyourblog says:

    If you are going to belmont and dont have to have a regular job too. that means you get to go there cause your family is rich and paying for every move you make.
    Stereotypes are there for a reason.
    And Casey you are one of them no matter how “punk” you want to be.
    You are still just a 12 year old kicking up dirt on the field cause you got picked last.
    if you’re going to put SHIT out there expect to get some shit for it.

  3. I love you says:

    I fucking hate these bands pretentious assholes

    ps who the fuck is freddy masz

  4. ohdayum says:

    Oh damn you really finished this kid. that email is hilarious. he wants to have an email fight with you dude. this shit is hilarious.


    These bands are not pretentious at all.
    They are all really good genuine people, but all you see is the attention getting bullshit that casey puts out on the internet.

    Don’t neigh say these bands just because of their drummer.
    The rest of them are just trying to have fun and make music.
    They are all really talented people, even if their music isn’t your cup of tea.
    Casey just likes attention and drama that could easily be avoided.
    It makes the rest of them look bad.

  6. Patrick says:


  7. Patrick says:


  8. seth says:

    please don’t associate this kid with nashville, he is just another belmont faggot who moved here and is willing to do anything for attention. get out of here you fucking faggot, go back home and make your nofx sing along sounding bullshit.

  9. Jordan Canio says:

    Hey Casey/Patrick/Freddy/whatever dumb name you have in your inventory, wanna quit blowing up this page and other pages with comments that are OBVIOUSLY from you. Can’t you take a hint? Everyone’s sick of your whiney bullshit and no matter how hard you try to act tough, you just seem like a dork (the beard isn’t helping). The funniest thing is we know you won’t say shit to me in public because you’re the real pussy. Stick to starting Twitter wars that NO ONE cares about and talking about pizza. Enjoy your Wednesday, brah.

  10. BASED GOD says:

    Having Casey in your band is like contracting AIDS………….huhuhuhuhuh.

  11. yourmother says:

    Well, since DP sounds like Liquor Store and Big Surr sounds like Best Coast…I am fairly certain Jordan Canio sounds like this guy.

  12. Hamillwee says:

    and here we have an example of how hot-shot bloggers get self righteous from their broadband pedestals and sit back and condemn others. as a music blogger myself its people like you who truly disgust me.

  13. radDUDEford says:

    hey doucher, Diarrhea Planet is the most fun live band in all of nashville. Don’t talk shit about my rad friendz. They are some of the coolest and nicest dudes in the nashville scene and make more of an impact with their music than you do with your bullshit blog. Go listen to Deer Hunter and shop at urban outfitters.

  14. WOOOOWEEEE smells like pussy. ya’ll are fucking pathetic, get over it.

  15. nick says:

    All you guys who are trashing DP, those guys are my friends. Not only do they make good, fun music but they are good, hard working guys who haven’t done anything wrong to any of you. So fuck you and get off your goddamn high horse you pretentious assholes.

  16. Jack says:

    If you’re gonna shit on a band, at least be a good enough musician to do something that’s better by your standards. Oh you can’t? That’s right because you’re an ignorant turbocunt. These bands put out music they love because they love doing it, and they have solid fan-bases that love them for doing so. If you see that as a problem, then change your tampon and go fuck yourself. If you’ve got the balls and the talent, which I’m assuming you don’t, do something better. I dare you to try, you snarky little fuck

  17. NOT liquor store says:

    Ok, just saying here, emmett of DP and big surr is a classically trained guitarist who finger picks sick electric leads, which is really unique. Even if their music sounds like another band, it’s new music that they wrote, and it’s catchy and people like it. In fact people REALLY REALLY like it. They are also not pretentious, i’ve met them and actually talked to them, which i feel like you haven’t done based on what you’ve said about their personalities, and they are really really nice and really humble. they are just a good group of people making music that, expectedly, sounds similar to other bands they like. that’s called having influences, or if you prefer, staying within a genre. there’s constants within any one kind of music.

    in closing, go fuck yourself cunt.

  18. vans8993 says:

    go die from lung cancer

  19. hahaha this shit is hilarious!

    jordan, you fucking destroyed these kids, and they hate it. the best coast/big surr shit is over the top, they even look similar. And if it wasn’t true, there would not be 20 comments of even more laughable responses. you straight up took out the garbage with this post. #headshot

  20. i play guitar classic, and i play with dicks on the regs.

    sure, i can’t write a song for shit, but i sure can play my guitar!! someday i can probably work at guitar center, showing you my CLASSIC LICKS. a little blink182 here, a little best coast there. whatever.

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