Bruise Cruise 2012 Announced!

The Bruise Cruise Festival jumped the gun and announced the dates and a few of the acts for 2012. On February 10th, the ship will cast off and include badass acts like King Khan and the Shrines, The Soft Pack and The Dirtbombs playing the 3-day high-seas festival.

The festival was organized by Jonas Stein of Turbo Fruits. When I first heard about Bruise Cruise, it sounded like a strange idea. Putting a bunch of punk bands that I’d see at bars in Nashville on a cruise ship to the Bahamas? Was it real? Apparently, and I wish I went this year. You know you’re on the good side of the ship when all 500 concert-goers have to be quarantined from the rest of the passengers. How does that not sound like fun? Shit, I’m gonna start saving now.

They made a cool video about it and fung-shi’ed their website. The dudes must be getting more promotion for it this year, and all I can say is fuck yeah. Since most major festivals are/have been on a slippery slope to being complete bullshit (like Lolla having the Foo Fighters and Eminem headline this year. Weak), stuff like Bruise Cruise is a breath of fresh air. Seriously, I’m determined to go this year. Fuck school, I’ll just stay in the Bahamas.

Bruise Cruise Website

Bruise Cruise 2 Launch Video

13 Responses to “Bruise Cruise 2012 Announced!”
  1. imacoolguy says:

    blah blah blah I WISH I WAS NASHVILLE’S DEAD blah blah blah

    grow a dick and put it in your own mouth

  2. VacuumBoots says:

    Nah dude, you don’t want to go to this. There are going to be too many “hipsters and fakes,” right? Too bad, though. There are some bad ass acts playing. Like Thee Oh Sees and Quintron & Miss Pussycat…

  3. TraderHoes says:

    Dude, nothing is more BADASS than Nine Inch Nails. Come on guys, this cruise would be pretty fun if it had Queens of the Stone Age performing Era Vulgaris in its entirety. Man, I just can’t but hope that Coldplay will get in on this somehow. Their concert tickets are expensive, but golly jeepers are they a rip-roarin good time!

  4. BASED GOD says:


  5. Jordan Canio says:

    wow, you guys are REALLY unfunny. Keep the hits coming though. That’s all that matters, right Mac J/Vacuum Boots/whatever the fuck your real name is?

  6. Jordan Canio says:

    I found our blog by accident when I typed “shit that sucks” into google. I guess they have us listed in the right category though. All the real blogs started being productive and then they left this one behind, although we guessed it would only be a matter of time. This is you from the future.

  7. Santiago Sandwich says:

    if these guys were “REALLY unfunny”, then why the fuck am i laughing my ass off?
    i bet anything that 90% of the people that even read these posts are reading only so they can make fun of you. and the other 10% are people who’ve heard about how stupid and narrow-minded your posts are from the former 90%.
    grammar nazis r cool 2 but u already no that

  8. VacuumBoots says:

    Keep writing, I get a kick out of you. Its good to see people arguing over the music scene. I just wish it would be more music based and less scene directed. I’m flattered you took the time to connect my name to my Facebook. You should check out Brian Jonestown Massacre (Vacuum Boots is a song of their’s), if you haven’t already. Peter Hayes (BRMC) played with them for a bit and The Black Angels are heavily connected with them.

  9. damn casey,
    you look so fucking stupid right now. you’re fucking lame dude. if you can’t handle criticism or insults, maybe you shouldn’t be loud as fuck and run your mouth all the time. you try to act like you don’t care, but….i mean, shit. this sort of says it all, you emotional pussy.

  10. macjjewfro says:

    bows and arrows is fucking awful. jew fro belmont kids gettin butthurtttt.

    #dadscreditcard #jewfro #christianartschools

  11. VacuumBoots says:

    Hey! leave the Jews out of this!

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