Bass Drum of Death Premiere “Get Found” Video

If you didn’t already know, Bass Drum of Death’s debut album, GB City, is awesome. Catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies are everywhere on it and the record just sounds confident and badass, especially for being recorded by one guy with just a USB mic. It’s definitely one of the best of 2011, so don’t sleep on that one. They just put out the video for their single “Get Found,” probably my second favorite song off the album (“Velvet Inch” is the best).

The video isn’t overly complicated. It simply shows them and their fans having a good time at a show and  the after party. There’s shots of a drunken motorcyclist, an empty pool, masks and some dude setting another dude’s hat on fire, all nicely synchronized to the band’s performance. It’s pretty cool.

They just got done touring last week, but seeing as how they’re picking up steam, they’ll probably hit the road again shortly. Hey dudes, stop in Nashville next time.  I want to see how cool this shit sounds live and I can’t make it to Memphis or Atlanta.

Check out some of their other songs below. Pick up their album off of Fat Possum (who’s been killing it lately).

Velvet Itch

GB City

2 Responses to “Bass Drum of Death Premiere “Get Found” Video”
  1. Terri says:

    Haha, I am checking your posts now & see we love all the same bands! I say the same thing about Bass Drum of Death, they are BAD ASS! Very nice & quiet in person, tho, extremely cute & sweet. I saw them in NYC last month playing a perfect little venue in Brooklyn, and over the summer they’ll be back here to play again, so cool, they are super-amped when they play live!

  2. Jordan Canio says:

    haha, that’s cool. I really want to see them live now. I’m hoping they’re going to add a Nashville date eventually. That album has replay written all over it.

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