Elliott Smith Lives

B-sides are a very tricky thing. With some bands, you wonder why the hell they didn’t drop the weaker tracks on their albums and replace them with some of their gem b-sides. With other bands, you can see why they left them as b-sides. The late great Elliott Smith is an example of the former. It’s been about 8 years since he left us but because he was so profilic, it seems that that has only slowed, not stop, his music output as more and more of his unheard b-sides leak. This week, we found five more unreleased tracks, tentatively titled “She Won’t Look at Me”, “Where I Get It From”, “Like A Cop”, “I’m Gonna Get Crushed” and “Shiva Opens My Arms.” You can listen to the lo-fi demos below.

She Won’t Look At Me

Where I Get It From

Like A Cop

I’m Gonna Get Crushed

Shiva Opens Her Arms

I dig these tracks, even with their imperfections. Personal favorite right now would have to be “Like A Cop,” because it’s one of those songs that showcases the normally soft-spoken Smith’s ability to show attitude in his songs. No real information is known about these songs (“Shiva” may have been recorded during the Figure 8 sessions because it borrows a lot from “Son of Sam”) or whether they will see an official/polished release or if they will end up being unfinished demos. Since some of his previous b-sides weren’t lucky enough to be put on his b-sides compilation New Moon, it’s unlikely. But who knows what the future holds for these tracks and who knows how many more there are. One thing’s certain though: there’s no such thing as too much Elliott Smith.

Check out the tracks and some of my other favorites from Smith below.

Son of Sam

St. Ides Heaven

Georgia Georgia

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