Interview: Brooks Nielsen of The Growlers

I know I’ve been writing about that Growlers show coming up a lot lately, but since Saturday is the show, it’s hard for me not to be stoked. The band’s basically playing the best End of the World party in Tennessee and for the lack of a better phrase, shit’s gonna get fucked up. They’ve been nice enough to let me interview them that night and even let me do a short phone interview earlier today with frontman Brooks Nielsen.

He was cool enough to sit through a couple of technical difficulties (speaker phone sucks) and talked to me about Pearl Jam (his favorite), dogs, killing Lady Gaga, and other cool stuff. Check it out:

Hows the tour?

We’re in New York right now. It’s been all good. The first show was a great start to the whole thing. One bartender threw a dildo at us onstage so from there it just got better and better (laughs). All the shows have been really good.

If you could wipe one band from existance, who would it be? 

Hmmm….Who do I hate? Get my hate on (laughs). Uh…I don’t know, Pearl Jam. They’re always pissing people off.

What’s the music scene like in the Long Beach area? 

There’s a lot of garage, mainly garage. There’s some punk, but most of the music there is garage. Long Beach’s got the tougher kids. I mean it’s not like I’m looking for stuff there, but it’s pretty good.

What keeps you sane on the road/at home?

Shit, it’s mainly my guys. I’ve got a really good group of funny dudes in the band. They never get into arguments or anything like that. But I bring my dog with me, so that kinda keeps me sane. I can’t just take off and come home in a drug coma cause I gotta walk and feed the dog. But yeah, that helps a lot and then so does having a phone so I can keep checking in at home, talking to my chick, my friends and see how Ma and Pa are doing.


Plus, anyone who bitches about touring is a fucking idiot. You’re touring around the best country in the history of the fucking world! Every city has something rad to offer and there’s always something weird happening. You’re getting free beer, you get to see bands play and people are spoiling you. I don’t get how people bitch about being on the road.

You’re just happy for the opportunity?

Yeah! You know, what keeps us happy is gratitude. Just being stoked to get away with that shit.

Lady Gaga, Oprah, and Sarah Palin. You gotta fuck one, kill one and marry one. Go!

I’m gonna kill……..Lady Gaga. I’d fuck Sarah Palin and marry Oprah cause she’s rich (laughs).

What drives you to make music? Some people do it for passion, some do it to get out of their hometown and then some do it for fame and drugs?

I mean, you can bullshit about it, but when you’re young and you hear about that stuff, it might kinda intrigue you to do it. But I’d say it’s more of when you start making music and you go “Oh, this is rad.” And then you feel like its possible to do it as a profession. I always had the dad that was like “You can do whatever the fuck you want, just keep doing it.” I knew I wanted to try and make it a profession, cause if you can make music AND make a living at it, it’s awesome. And now it just keeps filling in cause it’s one thing after another. Let’s go on tour, get home and then after we’re shit-pooped out of that, you get to try to make music with your friends again. It’s still fun to make music, so that’s how we’re gonna keep doing it.

Thanks Brooks! Like I said, there’ll be another interview up soon. Til then, come out to the show and buy me a beer.

Gay Thoughts – The Growlers

What It Is – The Growlers

Something Someone Jr. – The Growlers

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  1. […] If you weren’t at the End of the World Party last Saturday, you blew it. A good time was had by all and all of the bands (aside from Brandon Jazz, what the fuck was that?) KILLED it. Like I said earlier, the Growlers agreed to do an interview before they went on stage. After a whiskey run, they let us on their tour bus (a school bus like you’d see in Haiti but with a worn out basketball net on the back and surfboards on the hood. Cool shit) and told us about setting off fireworks, taking a fake dog on tour and breaking the bar at Starry Nights Festival. When bassist Scott Montana came back from shaving, we let the rest of the band take over and bombard him with questions. They’re some funny people. Anyways, check out the interview below and you can also check out the phone interview I did with Brooks earlier right HERE […]

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