Grinderman Debut Freaky Video For “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man”

At the age of 53, Nick Cave is still capable of doing two things: getting shit done (see the reissues post from earlier this week) and freaking people out. Today, he gave us more evidence to support this claim in the form of Grinderman’s music video for “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man.” The track is absolutely gorgeous but sleazy and as hell. The video is, well, not what I expected.

Shot in animation (which makes the whole video seem even more eerie), the sinister music video is like a bad dream/bad acid trip. To set you up, there’s Cave turning into a psuedo-Mickey Mouse, a firecrotched girl scaling a building, lots of guns and shit that I can’t explain. It’s not safe for work, and I’m not sure if I like it yet or not, but the song is badass. Probably my favorite track off of their latest. It’s worth a watch cause if you’ve made it this far, why chicken out now?

The band’s gearing up for their last European leg of the tour. After this, Cave has said that he will work on another Bad Seeds record. Hopefully he churns that one out fast enough that we can get another Grinderman record before the end of 2012. Since the band is known for recording double albums in 4 days, I don’t think that’s impossible. Check out the other Grinderman videos below:

No Pussy Blues

Palaces of Montezuma

Heathen Child

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  1. […] it seems like Cave is on a roll this week. Along with reissues (for the Bad Seeds) and a new music video, Cave’s Grinderman also had a mini-documentary on the band premiere on Channel 4 in the UK […]

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