Grinderman Make a Cool Short Film

I’ve already blown the hell out of this thing this week with Nick Cave related posts on this thing this week. However, it seems like Cave is on a roll this week. Along with reissues (for the Bad Seeds) and a new music video, Cave’s Grinderman also had a mini-documentary on the band premiere on Channel 4 in the UK yesterday.

I wasn’t gonna post this because of the overload it would be on this site, but then I said fuck it, cause it’s REALLY cool. Cave takes us through the band’s writing process, which he describes as recording 15 minutes worth of “bullshit” and then pulling the cool bits from that bullshit to create something really cool. Along with the concert intercuts, Cave  also describes how they end up making the most bizarre music videos you will see on this side of the moon. It’s an interesting 10 minutes and worth checking out if you like to get occasionally weirded out by good shit.

Also, I know UNKLE has gone significantly downhill since War Stories, but they made a track with Cave a little bit ago that warrants mention. It’s called “Money and Run” and it’s the best thing they’ve done since 2007. At this point, I’m convinced UNKLE can be salvaged if they let Cave and Josh Homme do more stuff with them. Check out the track below:

Money and Run – UNKLE feat Nick Cave

Okay, I think I’ve had my Grinderman/Nick Cave fix satisfied for the week. Gonna try not to write anything else about them unless they do something else really cool. Knowing how Cave’s working habits and ability to hammer out interesting art, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did something else really cool tomorrow.

Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man – Grinderman

No Pussy Blues – Grinderman

Heathen Child – Grinderman

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