NXNE Announces Full Line Up

Everyone knows about South By Southwest in Texas, but unless you really pay attention, you might miss North By Northeast. Basically, it’s the same thing as SXSW, but in Toronto, Canada. It’ll be held from June 13th-19th, with the music portion lasting for three days. Last year, some of the coolest bands there were the Stooges, Mudhoney, Japandroids, Surfer Blood, Wavves and more. They just finished adding the newest bands to the line up and released the poster.

Along with that, they released a full list of artists on the site right here. It looks pretty awesome. After a brief scan of the list and the poster, the following bands stand out: DEVO (they put on a fun as fuck live show), OFF!, Ty Segall, Crocodiles, PUJOL and Bad Cop. Cults and Heavy Cream may have gotten cooler since the last time I saw/heard them, but I’m not betting on that too much.

After last year, it seems like the festival is getting a lot bigger which is pretty cool. The bands are a lot better than SXSW and it seems to give smaller bands a better chance of being noticed. It’s not like SXSW, where you have big names like Kanye and the Strokes overshadowing small bands that spend half their tour budget just to get out there. That and Texas sucks compared to Canada. I’ll take Canadians over rednecks any day.

You can check out the official site below along with a couple of videos of the artists playing. It should be a good time. Someone buy me a plane ticket to Canada. I’m good for it. Not really, but still.

Official Site

Upside Down – OFF!

Standing at the Station – Ty Segall

Mirrors – Crocodiles

Black Rabbit – PUJOL

I’m in Lust With You – Bad Cop

One Response to “NXNE Announces Full Line Up”
  1. VacuumBoots says:

    I think you have SXSW mixed up with ACL. Pretty much all of these bands played SXSW this year. Also, if this is the full lineup, it’s short a few thousand in comparison to SXSW. That is a pretty good line up, though!

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