Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Writing New Record, Release Live At Amoeba 2010

It’s been a good bit since we’ve heard from the blues/rock/folk band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. On the heels of 2010, they released a new album, toured their asses off (played their 1000th show back in December) and continued to do so even after bassist Robert Levon Been’s father Michael (of the Call) passed while on the road. Aside from a few shows here and there, BRMC have been relatively quiet in 2011. Then this week, a couple of announcements started being made. First, they’re back in the studio, writing the next album and proving that they can’t stop working. Here’s the link to their facebook page  where they have posted a couple of pictures from the studio. It’s just shots of the equipment, but it looks like they have a sweet set up.
Second, the Amoeba show they played when they released Beat the Devil’s Tattoo back in 2010 is now online:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The setlist:
1. Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
2. River Styx
3. Shuffle Your Feet
4. 666 Conducer
5. Rifles
6. Mercy
7. The Toll
It’s pretty cool and shows how the band can jump from electric to acoustic renditions with ease (aside from the first song on this concert). Highlights are “Shuffle Your Feet”, “666 Conducer” and “Mercy.” This band still rules and puts on an awesome show. It’d definitely be cool to get a new album later this year or early next year. Since these guys work like they smoke crack 24/7 (not really, but it wouldn’t surprise me), it’s possible.
Ain’t No Easy Way – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Weapon of Choice- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Whatever Happened to My Rock N’ Roll – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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