Interview: The Growlers

If you weren’t at the End of the World Party last Saturday, you blew it. A good time was had by all and all of the bands (aside from Brandon Jazz, what the fuck was that?) KILLED it. Like I said earlier, the Growlers agreed to do an interview before they went on stage. After a whiskey run, they let us on their tour bus (a school bus like you’d see in Haiti but with a worn out basketball net on the back and surfboards on the hood. Cool shit) and told us about setting off fireworks, taking a fake dog on tour and breaking the bar at Starry Nights Festival. When bassist Scott Montana came back from shaving, we let the rest of the band take over and bombard him with questions. They’re some funny people. Anyways, check out the interview below and you can also check out the phone interview I did with Brooks earlier right HERE

Growlers Interview – Stuff and Such

Questions by Jordan Canio. Shot/Edited by Ryan Smith

One Response to “Interview: The Growlers”
  1. gracefulsoul says:

    Fantastic! This really was an awesome show and the growlers were a great bunch of dudes!

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