Strangers Family Band

California has always been the king state when it comes to putting out great psychedelic tunes. Sure, Texas has started it’s own thing with the Black Angels and a few other good bands, but the fact of the matter is that it’s still Texas, which means it still inherently sucks. Even if you disagree with me, California has provided even more evidence to my biased comparison by putting out the Strangers Family Band.

From LA, the Strangers Family Band has been around since roughly 2007 and is made up of five members. They may look like hippies, but they play good trippy music like them too. Judging by the sound of their debut EP, this band definitely grew up tripping balls to the Doors, Cream and 13th Floor Elevators albums. The EP’s a good mix of organ solos and reverbed guitar riffs that hit you like a heat wave. They have a few other songs on their website that sound pretty cool too, but I can’t find them anywhere else online (if anyone can point me in the right direction, let me know).

The EP is free and available below. I dig most of the songs on there (could do without “Tangerine”) but the real treat is “Strange Transmission.” It’s easy to get lost in the guitar solos on that one. You can check out the song below on their bandcamp. Hunter S. Thompson once said “buy a ticket, take the ride,” but since you don’t even have to pay for the ride, why wouldn’t you go?

Official Site

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