UNKLE Releases Video For “Money And Run”

Ever since War Stories in 2o07, UNKLE has been a mixed bag. Everything they’ve done since collaborator Richard File left hasn’t been up to par. Because of this, I haven’t been interested in any of the new EP’s they seem to put out every few months. I just don’t need any extra filler UNKLE tracks and I don’t think the band realizes that. However, I got excited when I heard Nick Cave was going to do a track with the band. Cave is one of the VERY few artists in the world whose art got better and more refined as he aged (or at least to me), so I was interested to see if he could turn it around. Needless to say, he did.

Anyways, the track is called “Money and Run” and I talked about how awesome it was earlier, but yesterday, UNKLE put out a video for it. It’s dark as hell, showing a bunch of rich dudes just not giving a fuck. Literally, they’re throwing hooker parties, kidnapping vandalizers and then from the ending, looks like they’re about to go hunting,  The Most Dangerous Game style. Crazy and might be hard to watch, but it compliments and emphasizes the dark nature of the song. You can check it out below:

Money and Run – UNKLE

If you dig the track, you can grab it somewhere around HERE. Things may be up and down for UNKLE right now, but Nick Cave’s still on a roll.

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