Jacuzzi Boys Ready Glazin’

Everyone in this town seems to have a hard on for these dudes. I really can’t figure it out. I thought their debut No Seasons had its moment but it gets old after awhile. I thought they’d probably be better live, but even when I saw them at Grimey’s last weekend, I left 3 songs into their set. After they played “Dock” and “Island Ave” (the only two songs I give playback on the album), I felt like I didn’t need much more. That, and they started going into this goofy song about “having sugar in your hair” and I didn’t feel like sticking around much longer.

They just announced that they’re going to be releasing a new album, Glazin’. Apparently, it’s coming out on Hardly Art and is going to be released on August 30th. Tracklisting is as follows:

01. Vizcaya

02. Automatic Jail

03. Glazin’

04. Cool Vapors

05. Libras and Zebras

06. Crush

07. Silver Sphere (Death Dream)

08. Zeppelin

09. Los Angeles

10. Koo Koo with You

Hopefully I’m judging them too harshly and this album turns out to be pretty good. Otherwise, they’re going to be just another band that gets sucked off by Nashville’s Dead a bit too much. Only time will tell. Check out the two songs I dig by them below.

Dock – Jacuzzi Boys

Island Ave – Jacuzzi Boys

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