Kasabian Announce “Velociraptor!”, Release New Single

First off, the album title is ridiculous. It’s like those weird inside jokes that the marching band kids in school used to make. When you heard their nerdy laughs, you realized you were better off not being involved in the joke. However, considering how many cool points Kasabian has from making some great rock records, it’s something we can let slide. After putting out 2009’s awesome West Rider Pauper Lunatic Asylum, the band toured with Oasis and made cool things happen. After they toured Europe, I was pissed that they were going to snub the United States for a tour leg. C’mon dudes. I know you’re not the biggest fans of Kings of Leon, but neither are we anymore! However, they spent the time they spent not touring the US recording a new album, called Velociraptor! and it will be released on September 19th. Like I said, aside from the name of the album, I’m stoked for this.

The album’s gonna have 11 tracks with the first single being “Switchblade Smiles.” It’s available for download once you pre-order the album. However, they put it on their SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. However, if you look around for a certain Google Chrome App that allows you to download whatever you want off of SoundCloud, you might be able to hold off on ordering the album just yet. Still do it, cause Kasabain’s awesome, but if you’re like me, short on money and with payday next week, this will hold you over until you can preorder the album.

Switchblade Smiles – Kasabian

As for the track itself, it’s been described by the band as “a warning sign.” It’s more synth heavy than any track on West Rider and kind of feels more like their debut album. I dig bits of it, but maybe that’s because I was a bigger fan of the guitar parts on the last album than I am of the stuff on here. It’s still pretty cool though and I can’t wait for the album and a US tour (if that happens). You can check out the track listing for the CD and a couple of other Kasabian songs. Check it out.


1. Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To

2. Days Are Forgotten

3. Goodbye Kiss

4. La Fée Verte

5. Velociraptor!

6. Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From the Storm)

7. I Hear Voices

8. Re-wired

9. Man of Simple Pleasures

10. Switchblade Smiles

11. Neon Neon

Fire – Kasabian

Club Foot – Kasabian

Reason Is Treason – Kasabian

4 Responses to “Kasabian Announce “Velociraptor!”, Release New Single”
  1. Terri says:

    Hey Jordan! How are ya? Not sure if you are still looking for a leak of this, but I have it if you need it. Album’s pretty good, I’ve been listening since Friday. Cheers, Terri

  2. Terri says:

    Oh cool, can’t wait to read your review! We have such similar taste 😉

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