Saytan – The Hussy

It’s been a little more than a week since the Hussy dropped into Nashville and nearly destroyed Mt. Swag. If you weren’t there, you fucked up big time. Aside from the chubby dude who kept trying to mosh and almost started a fight, the chaotic show concluded with Bobby lighting his guitar on fire and flailing it around, fire regulations be damned.

Our friends are about to hit the road again, and they’re adding a cool live/b-sides tape by the name of Saytan to their merch stand. I got an email about it with the MP3’s and the tracks sound awesome. You can hear how much more energetic the songs are live and that’s not an easy task to accomplish on tape. The b-sides from their debut Cement Tomb Mind Control also carry this energy, but apparently not enough for the LP. Still, like all b-sides from good bands, they’re more than listenable and find a better home on this tape. These guys have a big sound and unlike most two pieces, they pick up the slack of not having two other members.

The band is bringing this tape on the road, but even if you cannot make it to one of their shows, you can pick it up on their online store. I’m not supposed to give out tracks, but you can hear most of the tracks on the band’s bandcamp. If you want to hear one of my favorite b-sides, “Brown Eyes (Tape Version)”, you can hear it on soundcloud below. Like I said, I’m not supposed to give out tracks, but if some of you were to find a certain Google Chrome app that allowed you to rip SoundCloud tracks automatically, I can’t be held responsible. Until then, check out this band:

Brown Eyes (Tape Version)

Tour Dates

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