The Black Angels Go Acoustic

When I was younger and dumber at the age of 10, NPR was the annoying radio station that I would be forced to listen to on car rides with my dad. 11 years later and after I got smarter, I like it and it’s got a better track record than Daytrotter. You can scroll around on the NPR podcast and find at least one concert that’d be cool to listen to. And it’s all free, so I’m all for that. Apparently the Black Angels dropped in and decided to try something different by going acoustic.

Click here to listen to the Black Angels: Tiny Desk Concert on NPR

If you’re familiar with the Black Angels at all, you’d know they aren’t known for doing too many songs acoustically (there’s like one at the end of the first record and that’s a hidden track). All of their songs usually rely on heavy basslines, distorted guitar and the acid-induced chants of lead singer Alex Maas, so going acoustic is a pretty big change. Luckily, their songs don’t suffer acoustically. The echos of the instruments help enhance the psychedelic feel and make it stranger in the best possible way.

The band’s on tour currently wrapping up their US dates and will play one day at Bonnaroo. Everyone going better go check that out, because they’re not a band to be missed. No word on if these guys are heading back to the studio after their European tour, but we hope so. Check out a couple more of their videos below.

Black Grease – The Black Angels

Telephone – The Black Angels

Science Killer – The Black Angels

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