Best Coast Debut “Gone Again”

Damn, Adult Swim has come a long way from being the weird program that came on Cartoon Network at midnight when I was like 9 or 10. With their latest campigan, Singles Program, they’re giving away free MP3s for a bunch of dorky (but a few good) bands. Plus, who doesn’t love free MP3’s?

Anyways, one of the bands these dudes are throwing up there is Best Coast. Don’t get me wrong, I dig most of her music. Lately though, I think she’s been blowing it big time. The fact that she’s going to be appearing on New Found Glory’s new album is definitely cringe-worthy and makes me wonder how high she was when she got that phone call. The new track she released, “Gone Again”, is pretty good, but almost too familiar. She was dangerously close to being a one trick pony with her debut album, but I got over that because I think she has potential to do cool shit. When I heard she started covering Loretta Lynn, I thought she was heading in the right direction. However, like I said, “Gone Again” feels like she’s playing it too safe. That and the video of her covering Blink 182 is just atriocious. C’mon Bethany. I’m like 4 years younger than you, but even I knew Blink 182 blew when they first came out.

Damnit – Best Coast (Blink 182 Cover)

You can watch the video for “Gone Again” below and make up your own mind. The video itself is pretty cool. The dudes over at Adult Swim directed it so that explains why it’s not sunshine and cats like the rest of Best Coast’s videos. Check it out.

Gone Again – Best Coast

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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