Korn Announce a Dubstep Album, God Help Us

I didn’t think it would be possible, but after years of not learning anything, nu metal is still around in the back corners of shit music. I thought bands like Korn or Slipknot would be over by now, considering half of the members of both bands have quit and found Jesus (by actually dying or writing a solo album that reads like a D.A.R.E. and Bible Informercial). Unfortunately, I was wrong.

What’s up with this dipshit named Skrillex? I remember when this fugly bastard went under the name of Sonny Moore for emo bands like From First To Last. It’s funny how after that shit imploded, he decided to jump on the womp-womp train. And while he’s making some of the most cringeworthy music known to man in another genre, I bet those dudes in Korn got tired of having to keep day jobs at Taco Bell and decided to cash in on the trend. They called up Skrillex and managed to make dubstep and nu-metal even shittier at the same time.

Get Up – Korn feat. Skrillex

I wonder if Skrillex has seen the sun. For real, does he sit in his mom’s basement all day on his labtop, “composing” these abominations while completely devoid of sunlight? I could see it. As for Korn, everyone knew that they had no songwriting skills before they decided to showcase it on MTV Unplugged, but a breakdown comprised of “shut the fuck up, get up” is a new low. Even for them.

To make the situation even better (but not really), Korn recently announced plans to make a dubstep album. Apparently they’ve been pulling in a bunch of dubstep producers and trying to take it seriously. Yeah, I feel like I just punched in the stomach too. I’m honestly hoping that this is where the dubstep trend starts to go downhill. Since everyone who’s career is in the toilet is jumping on this trend (see also Britney Spears), maybe the market will get oversaturated. Hopefully, these guys and their fans will be too fried from the ecstasy and molly to make another shitty genre after this is all over. It’s just annoying overindulgent noise that allows people to push a few keys on a keyboard and wear goofy masks and consider themselves “musicians.” Fuck you, get real.

One Response to “Korn Announce a Dubstep Album, God Help Us”
  1. Leeroynorris says:

    You sir, are my new idol. There new ‘song’ is such a pile of crap, i used to be a korn fan but after this i wish they’d broke up ages ago

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