Foo Fighters Make Fun of Being on Tour, Release Awesome Rider

I can’t hate Dave Grohl. It’s impossible. No matter how many mediocre Foo Fighters albums he makes or how many overly cheesy videos follow those albums, Grohl’s sense of humor never fails to make up for it and make me stay a fan (of Grohl, not Foo). Apparently Grohl and co. like to take that sense of humor on road. While most artists use their riders (the list of stuff a band wants backstage at a show) to request the extravagant things, Grohl takes it a step further. Him and the band have made their rider 90 plus pages with the following as an explanation for why they feel it’s neccessary:

“Seriously, we’ve traveled a few hundred miles to your venue, to your town, to your special place”, it continues. “You want us to come back. We want to come back. Your town probably has hot chicks. What’s better than visiting and revisiting a town with hot chicks AND good food? Right?”

Can’t argue there. You can check out a few pictures from the rider  on the Smoking Gun or below. The ice one at the bottom is solid gold.  If anyone has the full thing, let me know!

And before I get some crybaby saying this post doesn’t have music, here’s a few of the Foo’s better tracks along with a Them Crooked Vultures track. I’ve said before, I’ll say it again (and probably will until he changes over for good), Grohl is SO much better behind a drum kit.

Bridges Burning – Foo Fighters

All My Life – Foo Figthers

Warsaw (or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up) – Them Crooked Vultures

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