Beatles AND Stones

It’s been a bit of a slow month music-wise, but I’m trying to get some cool stuff done and up. Summer school gets in the way of a lot of it, but since I have a couple of seconds of downtime, I figured I’d share something cool I came across the other day.

It’s undeniable that the two most popular/well-known bands of the 60’s were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. If you do deny it, you’re an idiot. As it is expected, a rivalry developed between the two and has carried on for generations now. Everyone has their favorites (while I do dig the Beatles a lot, I was raised on the Stones). However, not too many people know that the bands collaborated sometimes. Take for example the track below, “We Love You.”

We Love You – The Rolling Stones

It was an A-side to “Dandelion” single in 1967. On backing vocals are none other that Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The song is awesome. It’s a piano driven song, with some cool psychedelic undertones and awesome beat. I dig it. A lot.

You can grab a free download of the song here, courtesy of Aquarium Drunkard (another cool site if you haven’t check it out). Take some drugs and give it a spin.

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