Bad Cop Releases Gritty Video for “Maniac”

Our good friends in Bad Cop just got done ripping shit up in Canada (despite being denied at the border at first) and to celebrate, they released a new music video for “Maniac”. And holy shit, does it live up to the name of the song.

Maniac – Bad Cop

Directed by Seth Graves, the video basically follows Adam Anyone on a rampage of revenge against cops, priests and judges (all played by the band). The credit titles and the grainy filter make it seem like a grindhouse film, which is awesome. It’s definitely the most godless video the band’s done, and maybe that’s why it slays. You can’t help but root for the bad guy.

The band’s readying a 7 inch with ROIR to be released sometime this year. It’s gonna have “Wet Lips” as an A-side and “Gloom Bank” as a b-side. The latter is definitely my favorite. It’s the perfect combination of sleaze with a hook that will get you….well, hooked. I’d link it if I had the video for it, but the band hasn’t released it. Your best bet to hear it would be to see them live. I think I heard the band is hitting the road in July, but no dates have been announced yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out their website below and a couple more videos.

Control – Bad Cop

I’m In Lust With You – Bad Cop

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