Introducing Ranch Ghost

The scene in Nashville can get repetitive sometimes. The main problem is that a lot of bands don’t get it. They try to emulate their favorite bands instead of trying to be their own favorite band, if that makes sense. So among the sea of Ramones-rip-offs that reels its head at almost every show I’ve gone to with local bands, it’s refreshing as hell to get something new that makes every show more bearable and most importantly, fun. Ranch Ghost is one of those bands.

Photo by Randy Smith

The band’s the brainchild of frontman Joshua Davis and his roommates/friends. Josh, Andy Ferro (lead guitar), Matt Sharer (bassist) and Tanner Lunn (drummer) lived together and would always shoot the shit about music, skateboarding and the usual. The start of the band is an urban legend in the making. For about a couple of weeks this past winter, Josh got sick. No doctor could diagnose what was going on or offer him any solid advice. After a couple of days and no signs of improvement, frustration was inevitable. He was going through all sorts of weird shit that would make most people want to be committed to an institution, signed up for electro shock or at least be put on crazy pills. Luckily, Josh soldiered on and when it all started to seem like it was downhill, he got smart and picked up a guitar and wrote his first song. The track, appropriately titled “Feels So Good,” helped get the wheels rolling and Josh wrote more songs. After jamming/writing more with his roommates, a band seemed more than obvious.

Feels So Good – Ranch Ghost

The band hesitated to start booking shows until they got their sound right. They wanted to play off their influences like Ty Segall and the Black Angels. The result is a mix of psychedelic and blues rock with a Southern twist to it. Once they got comfortable with the sound and chemistry, the band decided to shit their pants and jump in this summer.  Their first show was a house show at Mt. Swag in Nashville. They were following one of Nashville’s favorites, PUJOL, and opening for Wisconsin’s best, The Hussy. If you’re familiar with both bands, you have to realize that is a pretty big first show, but they pulled it off perfectly.  Anyone there would tell you that the band puts off good vibes. There wasn’t a single person not dancing or having fun. This is what rock n’ roll is supposed to do, kids: make you want to dance, drink beer and chase strange women. Their second show at the Apollo House in Murfreesboro this past weekend solidified it. Bored cops shut down the show but in the true spirit of DIY, the organizers moved it to a neighborhood with less pigs. The band went on last and killed it once again. Their set is only six songs so far, but the crowd was definitely down for another set.

Studio time is planned and in the near future, so we should be hearing more tunes soon. The band’s got only three songs caught on tape so far (the other two are below) but if you want more info on them, check out their Facebook fan page for updates, show announcements and the occasional retro shot of a topless girl band. Cool stuff.


Turfin’ – Ranch Ghost

? – Ranch Ghost

5 Responses to “Introducing Ranch Ghost”
  1. BASED GOD says:

    Best band in town

  2. ranch ghost can fuck my bitch. please fuck my bitch.

  3. petersnackerrrrr says:

    aw yeah jordan, fuck the pigs, for the kids!

  4. caseyW says:

    i love this band.

    i am about to go funnel double cheeseburgers.

  5. iloveranchghostbitchwhoyou says:

    JOSH CAN FUCK MY BITCH, FOR REAL. FOR SURE. #frenchtoast #ranchghost

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