My Floor EP – Slang Chickens

I only knew about this band because it has close ties to three other LA bands I like to follow: Wires on Fire, Jubilee and Mini Mansions. Frontman Evan Weiss has played in the former two and the band has played shows with the latter. He left Jubilee in 2008 to form this band and seeing as how Jubilee is pretty much dead, I think he made the right decision. I knew that Weiss had calmed down from the bombastic style of Wires on Fire with Jubilee, but since all of those dudes in Jubilee/Wires on Fire always vary their sound from band to band, I was interested to see what else was up the dude’s sleeve.

Like I said earlier, if you were expecting a Wires on Fire album, you’ll be let down. If you wanted some really chill music with bursts of rock n’ roll energy, you found it. The band relies heavily on their influences such as Neil Young, the Gun Club and Devo. They blend bits of punk rock with bluegrass slide guitar and they do it successfully. They mix acoustic guitars with electric guitar, banjos with synthesizers and lyrics about never being high with spacey guitar work. It could have went terribly wrong, but instead, it went terribly right.

The band’s got a unique sound that may take more than one or two listens to appreciate, but once you get the right vibe, the record is awesome. Plus, I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but the cover is too cool to not want to give it a listen. If you’re still unsure about it, check out the three songs they posted on soundcloud below. “Grandfather’s Gun” and “She’s Never Been High” are quickly becoming my new favorite tracks this week. Peaceful as hell, but not boring, a rare feature to accomplish today. Anyways, blah, blah, blah, give the tracks a listen and then go pick up the album from the band’s label, Psychedelic Judaism. That may be one of the coolest record label names I’ve heard of.

Label Page



Grandfather’s Gun – Slang Chickens

Never Been High – Slang Chickens

My Floor – Slang Chickens

My Grandfather’s Gun – Slang Chickens

Row My Boat – Slang Chickens

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