Screaming Trees Release Final Album, Not Cashing In

I’m a huge fan of Mark Lanegan. His tough as hell demeanor is projected though his whiskey-drenched vocals and his lyrics that show that he’s seen a lot, pretty or not. I haven’t kept up with his old grunge band, Screaming Trees, as much as I should but the announcement the now defunct grunge band made today was enough to turn my head. Right before their break up in 2000, they recorded an album. Due to the high tensions in the band at the time, the album was shelved and had no plans to be released. Until now.

On August 2nd, the band’s former drummer Barrett Martin announced that he will release these tracks and release them on his label, Sunyata Music. It will go under the name Last Words: The Final Recordings. Jack Endino has mixed the sessions and there will be a digital and physical release. R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Josh Homme both played on the record, so if you didn’t already have a reason to give it a listen, there ya go.

To the coolest part about this would have to be the fact that the band is NOT reuniting. Don’t get me wrong, a tour would be cool, but these dudes aren’t the Police. They aren’t bored at home, past their primes and in desperate need to swap the screams of their wives and kids for screaming fans. I guess the press release said it best:

“There are no plans for a reunion, as the band members are finally well-adjusted adults who actually get along with each other and have happily moved on with their lives.”

How fucking cool is that? Anyways, if you haven’t checked out the Screaming Trees, check out some of the videos below.

Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees

All I Know – Screaming Trees

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