A.A. Bondy Readys New Album

I can’t say I dig those whole folk revival thing. Everyone is losing their shit about stuff like Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes and the Avett Brothers, but I can’t get anything out of those bands. They’re just not interesting to me. So if a folk band comes my way nowadays, I’m not exactly the first person to be like “fuck yeah.” I have to make an exception for A.A. Bondy though. Unlike the previously mentioned bands, his music keeps me captivated. So the fact that he has a new album coming out soon is enough to turn my head.

On September 13th, Fat Possum (who has been killing it lately with bands) is putting out A.A. Bondy’s latest album, Believers. According to the press release, the songs were “conjured during and between dreams, in bare rooms, and on the late night streets of America.” Sounds interesting enough. The tracklisting is below:

1. The Heart Is Willing

2. Skull & Bones

3. Down In The Fire (Lost Sea)

4. Surfer King

5. 123 Dupuy Street

6. Hiway/Fevers

7. Drmz

8. The Twist

9. Rte. 28/Believers

10. Scenes From A Circus

If you haven’t heard A.A. Bondy’s last album, When the Devil’s Loose, give that album a proper listen. It’s not studio heavy like I feel a bunch of the Fleet Foxes/Mumford and Sons/whatever albums are, but I think that’s what makes it stand out. Bondy’s records feel like they have more heart and don’t hide behind an atmosphere of sound. It feels more genuine to me and because of that, I’m never wondering how much longer til the song ends.

If you’ve new to A.A. Bondy, you can download their awesome Daytrotter session here. If you’re too lazy to do that just yet, check out some of the videos below. I hope he comes back through Nashville like he did last August. His shows are cool and probably one of the few “guy with a guitar” acts I can tolerate a whole show of.

When the Devil’s Loose – A.A. Bondy

Slow Parade – A.A. Bondy

Oh they Vampyre – A.A. Bondy

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