Seasick Steve + Jack White + Alison Mosshart + John Paul Motherfuckin’ Jones = Awesome

I had no idea who Seasick Steve was until I saw that video where he performed in front of the Third Man Records Rolling Record Store at SXSW. While he had a couple of chops, I felt like his performance was overshadowed by the fact that Jack White performed “Dead Leaves” shortly after he announced the end of the White Stripes. He caught my attention again yesterday.

iTunes is doing this pseudo-festival in London. They’re holding concerts at Camden’s Roundhouse from July 1st-31st and webcasting them (for a full list of acts, click here). Seasick Steve was yesterday. A couple of songs in, he invited a few guests to join him onstage. The crowd cheered when Alison Mosshart was called up and understandably went nuts when Jack White appeared behind the drum kit. However, I still think the real treat to the whole thing was John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin/Them Crooked Vultures bassist) killing bass like a motherfucker and showing them how it’s done. Check out the video of the performance below.

Holy shit, that is awesome. I might have to pick up Seasick Steve’s new album now. The dude might be 70, but he makes that guitar slide his bitch. And that deserves credit in my book.

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