Cryin’, Dyin’, and Fourth of Julyin’ – The Electric Dollhouse Groove Buggy

That has got to be one of the strangest album covers I’ve seen in a while. It’s almost weird enough to be dismissible.  One dude looks like Prince with too much money and one dude has his tits hanging out while the other two look like they’re on some serious Class A drugs. But, apparently these dudes take the right drugs, because the music does the talking.

These dudes hail from Louisiana, but you could catch that from a couple of hints in their songs. The opening track “To Hell With the Ocean” kicks off the EP with a foot stomping blues riff and psychedelic undertones such as crazy laughs during the bridges. I’m already a fan. The familiar but catchy 50’s guitar riffs and horns  on “Devil’s in Me Darling” make the track awesome. “Hammer Coming Down” makes you feel like your floating for a bit and sounds like it’d be pretty cool to get stoned to. It drags for a bit in the middle but it picks back up with the cool little slide guitar/bass fill towards the end of the chorus. “Place in Hell” sounds like these dudes listen to the Gun Club and the White Stripes a lot and is definitely my favorite track on this thing. The breakdown is a great example of face-melting rock. “Everywhere I Go” keeps me entertained and ends the EP on a good note.

Aside from a list of influences, not too much else is known about the band. They’re either playing the mystery card or have other things in the works for later (tours and such). The EP is out on Jeffery Drag Records and is available on the band’s bandcamp.You can order/listen to it below and preorder the cassette on the site. It’s well worth the $2 they’re charging for a digital download. Check that out and an early video for “Everywhere I Go” below.

Everywhere I Go – Electric Dollhouse Groove Buggy

One Response to “Cryin’, Dyin’, and Fourth of Julyin’ – The Electric Dollhouse Groove Buggy”
  1. Nolan Baker says:

    And great tits they are.

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