NOBUNNY Hits Nashville

Wearing a mask on stage can only mean two things: either your band sucks and you need a gimmick to get attention or you’re truly an insane individual. About 90% of the time, it’s the former. However, you know you have to be fucked up to wear a bunny mask on stage and sing songs about blow and doing the fuck yourself. With that said, NOBUNNYpulls off the insanity card with style.

I first got First Blood a couple of months ago. I gave it a spin and was surprised. Garage rock/pop bands can get monotonous at times. What separates this band from that is their songwriting. The dude can mix crude topics like treating your girlfriend like shit with a good catchy rhythm and make a decent song. You can’t deny it’s sleazy and strange, but you also can’t deny that it rules. It’s also pretty obvious that this guy sprinkles cocaine on his cereal in the morning. If you need more evidence besides the pounding piano lines on First Blood, just check out his live recording from Third Man Records.  The night before he was set to record it, NOBUNNY (real name Justin Champlin) was arrested and booked into Nashville jail. By the time he got out and to the show, he was a couple of hours late and withdrawing. As a result, they sucked but the show makes for an interesting performance caught on tape.  Despite all of that commotion, Nobunny has come back this weekend.

On Saturday, NOBUNNY will be playing at Springwater, the seedest dive bar in town (and that’s saying something). Hell, it almost seems like a match made in heaven. Seedy music in a seedy place. It’s 21+, but it’s Springwater. Any fake will work. Make sure you get there early for Useless Eaters. Not a huge fan of the punk bands Nashville produces (because most of them are trying to be the Ramones, but none of them realize the Ramones suck), but Useless Eaters are a damn good exception to that rule. Come one, come all.

Blow Dumb – NOBUNNY

(Do the) Fuck Yourself – NOBUNNY

Chuck Berry Holiday – NOBUNNY

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