Weezer Rips Off Bruise Cruise, Prove They Still Suck

Weezer blows, yet it amazes me how fast their fans will jump to defend them, even when the latest additions to their catalog have gotten progressively worse and more embarrasing. Seriously people, I don’t care how good you think Pinkerton is. They have made more albums since then and they’ve all sucked. So what’s next for a band that can’t stop singing about being dorks in high school? How’s about a cruise?

 For $799, you can hop on a boat with these dorks as they sail from Miami to Cozumel from January 19th-23rd (sounds familiar). For that price, you also get to take a photo with the band, and to attend a Q&A session. Killer dude. I guess the plus to the festival would be that Wavves, Dinosaur Jr. and Yuck are playing. On the other hand, the idea that Weezer is going to be playing multiple sets all over the ship is enough to make me want to jump overboard.

If you really want to find out more, you can check out the Cruise’s official site and sign up for the presale. It probably will sell out fast. Like I said earlier, the fact that there are even Weezer fans after stuff like the clip below blows my mind.

One Response to “Weezer Rips Off Bruise Cruise, Prove They Still Suck”
  1. hell yes its like the radio disney version of the bruise cruise! hell yes!

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