The Black Lips Debut “New Direction” Video

I already gave my reasons for not being a huge Black Lips fan when I reviewed their newest album, Arabia Mountain, last month. While I’m still not their number one fan, I can say the band is growing on me a bit and that they have written more than a couple decent songs. Plus, their live shows look interesting enough to make me want to check them out next month at the Exit/In.  Hopefully they’ve grown out of that whole “let’s make out on stage so people will pay attention to our music” phase. Anyways, “New Direction”, one of their better songs off the new album, just got a music video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s a pretty cool video. The song’s catchy and a lot better than the last single “Go Out and Get It.” There’s only one thing I couldn’t help but nitpick about. The video’s loaded with low budget special effects, which I guess is their way of  trying to keep the band’s punk spirit. It looks cool and all but if they’re trying to convince me they’re still punk, they better make sure that write-a-song-with-Ke$ha thing was only a joke. But once again, all nitpicking and shit aside, it’s a solid video and definitely a good addition to a catalog I’m starting to dig more and more.

The Black Lips will be at the Exit In on August 3rd, two days before they play Lollapalooza. Check out a couple of their songs I dig below:

Katrina – The Black Lips

Modern Art- The Black Lips

Not another song but still pretty rad. Why the band got chased out of India in 2009.

3 Responses to “The Black Lips Debut “New Direction” Video”
  1. black lips are mad gay. so gay. awful post nigga.

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