Live From Nowhere: A Benefit CD For A Good Cause With Good Music

While benefit CDs are for good causes, they are usually lacking in the music area. When the major ones come out, it’s usually lame stuff like Sting singing old Police stuff on an acoustic guitar or worse: Fred Durst and the Goo Goo Dolls covering Pink Floyd. But every once in a while, a benefit CD comes along that doesn’t make you want to throw it away once you’ve turned the corner. Live From Nowhere Near You: Volume II is one of those CDs.

The CD was compiled by Kevin Moyer to raise money for the homeless youth organization Outside In. At 65 songs and 3 discs, they’ve done a good job of making sure there’s something for everybody. It features a couple of bigger names like Bright Eyes, James Mercer (the Shins), Modest Mouse, Wilco as well as street musicians. What caught my eye though was the unreleased Elliott Smith track “Real Estate”, BRMC demo for “River Styx”, as well as Josh Homme guest starring on a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me” with Eddie Vedder and the Strokes. Overall, the CD seems less formulaic than other benefit CDs and therefore, a lot more interesting.

The full tracklist is listed below. You can pick up the CD over here for a low price of $15. If you want to give it a listen beforehand, Under the Rader is streaming it on their site. For more info on the charity, check out Outside In’s website,

Disc: 1

1. Kevin Moyer: An Easy Slide (Rendezvous You Too)

2. Bright Eyes and Britt Daniel of Spoon: Southern State

3. The Helio Sequence: Heart Disease

4. Nathan Jr: The Best Noise

5. The Upsidedown: Silver Wind

6. Shawn Smith of Satchel and Brad: You Are Majestic

7. Kevin Moyer: Ill Street Blues

8. Carlos Guitarlos & Mike Watt: Ain’t That Lovin’ You

9. Paul Immanuel Owens: Hey You Dreamer

10. Dan Reed: Ritual (solo acoustic)

11. Tango Alpha Tango: This City

12. Skeeter: Winging It

13. James Mercer of the Shins: Caring Is Creepy (solo acoustic)

14. Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols: Is That All

15. Tim Jenson of Pink Martini: A Saxophone In New York

16. Carlos Vamos and Lindsay Buckland: O-No-You-Den / Bar Tremolinos

17. Pete Miser: Where Do We Go From Here

18. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, The Strokes, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures: Mercy Mercy Me*

19. Joe Purdy: Troubadour

20. Joe Whaley: Save Me From Destruction (acoustic demo)

21. Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney, Kevin and Anita Robinson of Viva Voce, Chris Funk of The Decemberists as Blue Giant: Gone For Good

Disc: 2

1. David Brown and Adrian McEldery: Loose Change

2. The Ettes: Spend My Money

3. The Upsidedown: Light (Pete International Airport remix)

4. Daniel Johnston: Grievances

5. Dand Lee Strickland and Kevin Moyer: Holding Me Down

6. Tyler Coyle: Scaffolding

7. Nicholas Crosa and DJ Sirround: One Violin, One DJ

8. Suckapunch: Moves

9. Mic Crenshaw of Hungry Mob with of Dead Prez: Running Out Of Time

10. Lindsay Buckland and Carlos Vamos: Whirling Devas (kevin come together edit)

11. Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini: The Overgrown Meadow

12. Danny Seim of Menomena as Lackthereof: The Columbia

13. Carlos Vamos and Lindsay Buckland: Vigilante (street edit)

14. Kevin Moyer: Let’s Make A Deal

15. Dandy Warhols and Portland Elvis: Gonna Be Your Santa

16. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: River Styx (demo)

17. Station Zero with Kevin Moyer: Prone

18. Logan Lynn: Movies

19. Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini: Nana (Manuel de Falla)

20. Third Eye Blind with Arion Salazaar: There’s No Hurry To Eternity

21. Stone Gossard and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Pete Droge, Chris Friel, Cole Peterson: Shame On You

22. The Presidents of the United States of America: Love Everybody


Disc: 3

1. Carlos Guitarlos & John Doe of X: Two Tavern Town

2. Tobin Herrera: Tonic Interlude (Pre-Funk)

3. The Robots: Tonic

4. Jordan White: Frank and Judy

5. Neil Gust, Elliott Smith, Jim Talstra, and John Moen of The Decemberists as No. 2: Who’s Behind The Door?

6. Elliott Smith: The Real Estate

7. Modest Mouse: Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office

8. Kevin Moyer and Wally Hendrickson: Happiness, That’s Why I’m Bleeding

9. Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini: Up and Up

10. Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini: A Piano In New York

11. Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree: Abandoner (alternate mix)

12. Greg Snell: End Wash

13. Kevin Moyer: Gutter Swirls (Drained)

14. Pete Miser of the Five Fingers of Funk: Call On Me

15. Dave Allen of Gang of Four, Danny Seim of Menomena, John Askew, and Adam Gnade as Faux Hoax: Your Friends Will Carry You Home (Pocket Remix)

16. David Maverick: Reverse

17. Ryan Adams : Shine Through The Dark

18. Joe Whaley: Save Me From Destruction (alternate studio version)

19. Matt Brown and Kevin Moyer: One Fine Day (Fall) (acoustic version)

20. The Black Ryder with Peter Hayes of BRMC: Burn and Fade

21. Wilco: Someday Some Morning Sometime

22. Joe Whaley: I’ll Always Be There For You (acoustic demo)

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