Grinderman Release “Kitchenette” RAK Session Video

It’s been almost a year since Nick Cave’s garage rock outlet, Grinderman, released their second effort, Grinderman 2, yet the band is still going strong. These dudes are all over the age of 50 but they can still tear it up better than some of these 20 year olds in bands nowadays. Because the band’s playing the ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror event in London this weekend, they’ve released another video from the RAK sessions they did a while back. It’s for their song “Kitchenette” and it’s pretty awesome.

Kitchenette (RAK Sessions) – Grinderman

Unlike Iggy Pop, years of heroin and alcohol abuse have hardly affected Cave’s ability to produce and perform intense music. In the song, he mixes shouts with manic howls and a distorted organ that he hunches over from time to time. The grimey guitar sounds made by Warren Ellis are crucial to the song’s descent-into-madness sound. The lyrics state it best, “it makes it hard to relax.’ Anyways, it’s a cool performance and another reason why the band kicks ass.

After the festival, they have one more July date in Poland, and then no more tour dates until a small Australian tour in December. I still think the band’s using that time to prep a new Bad Seeds album. Cave seems like one of those guys who never sleeps. Check out a couple more Grinderman videos below.

Love Bomb – Grinderman

No Pussy Blues – Grinderman

Worm Tamer (RAK Sessions) – Grinderman

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