Rhew’s Cruise: Free Beer Island Show

There’s a lot of venues in Nashville. From Bridgestone (or whatever it’s being called this year) to the Ryman to the Exit In to the End to a house show, if you’re in Nashville, you’ve got a couple of options. However, every venue has rules to abide by and those can be a hassle. Even the seedest ones can get uptight about stuff like weed or just have dickhead bouncers. We’ve all heard that loads of stuff can fly without reprocussion on Bruise Cruise, but if you’re like me, you’re lucky if you have the funds to make it to Miami in the first place. However, Nashville can be an innovative place at times. And continuing that tradition is something new: Free Beer Island.

Photo by Emily Quirk

Set in the middle of Percy Priest Lake, Free Beer Island (aka Rhew’s Cruise) is pretty self explantory: On August 14th, Mikey “I Deserve Every Last Dollar” Owen and Jesse Rhew are putting on a badass show in the middle of the lake from noon to about 5:30 PM . Bands have confirmed and park rangers have been warned of what to expect. The $8 tickets get you a wristband that gives you access to the ferry. The ferry will be making trips, not only to the island, but to some badass cliffs to jump off of as well. But if you already have a boat or feel like taking a swim, than the show is free.

The line up is stacked too and makes it seem like a cool festival. Turbo Fruits, Majestico, Bad Cop, Ranch Ghost, Cannonmen, Denney and the Jets are all playing. I have no idea who Big Boys are but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since all of the other bands know how to make good music and bring a good time. For $8, it’s a little more than a dollar for each band and totally worth it.

Fuck Soundland and it’s $55 tickets for a weak line up. This show’s way cheaper, at noon, and gonna be A LOT more fun. Come get drunk and listen to good music with us on a tiny island. You know that sounds like a damn good time.

You can pick up your tickets HERE. For directions to the show, click HERE. Check out the videos of the bands playing the show below.

Where the Stars Don’t Shine – Turbo Fruits

Bright White Lady – Majestico

Maniac – Bad Cop

Feels So Good – Ranch Ghost

Spring East Coast Tour 2011 – Denney and the Jets

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  1. […] that the band is also going to do a 10” on the label as well. Their next show is going to be that Free Beer Island show along with Bad Cop. Check out one of their songs, “Ragged Mile,” that also got shot […]

  2. […] band is going to be playing that Free Beer Island show I keep going on about. Stoked about seeing their set there. People are going to be fighting for space once the island […]

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