Turbo Fruits Ready New Album, Perform New Songs

When I interviewed Jonas Stein of Turbo Fruits a couple of weeks ago, he said that we could expect new songs soon and that the songs would be pretty dynamic as far as songwriting goes. When I saw the band earlier this month at the Hard Rock Cafe, I could tell he wasn’t joking. If my memory serves me right, aside from “Colt .45” and “Ain’t the Only One Havin’ Fun”, their setlist was all new tunes. I was impressed. With the other band members (Kingsley Brock, Dave McCowen, and Matt Hearn) contributing to the songwriting process, the band’s sound is maturing. Luckily, someone was cool enough to record a few new songs during the soundcheck from said show and threw them up on youtube. The songs are called “Gamble Tamble” and “In My Epic Head” and if you were expecting songs in the same vein as “Volcano” or “Trouble”, you’re about to get thrown the fuck off.

Gamble Tamble – Turbo Fruits

In My Epic Head – Turbo Fruits

The jams are sick. The melodies and lyrics are getting more refined, while the drum beats and bass lines are getting heavier. The solos will still melt your face and the organ works well in the middle of it all. Judging by the sound of these tracks, the new record is going to be a hit.

The band is going to be playing that Free Beer Island show I keep going on about. Stoked about seeing their set there. People are going to be fighting for space once the island gets overcrowded, but it’ll be a good time. If you still don’t know who Turbo Fruits are, check out some of their other videos below.

Where the Stars Don’t Shine – Turbo Fruits

Mama’s Mad Cause I Fried My Brain – Turbo Fruits

Colt .45 – Turbo Fruits

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