Kings of Leon Shit the Bed (Again), Can’t Hold Their Liquor

It’s weird how a lot can change in 4 years. In 2007, it was okay to say you liked Kings of Leon. That was when the band was still making decent records, had long hair and didn’t drop an annoying single about gonorrhea (“Sex On Fire”). Selling out is a cliche term that has been misused numerous times and most people assume that once a band’s music is in a car commercial, they’ve sold out. Fuck that. I think Henry Rollins put it best: selling out is making the record the label/people want you to make, not the record you want to make. With that in mind, Kings of Leon are the perfect example of sell outs. To make matters even worse, these “born and raised” southerners can’t even hold their liquor anymore!

After a couple of songs last night in Dallas, an intoxicated Caleb Followill keeps bitching about losing his voice (but that didn’t stop him from mumbling through a slew of intoxicated statements such as “I am married to the prettiest girl in the whole world” and the traditional “you guys are the best crowd in the world”) and eventually leaves the stage to go “puke, have  a beer and sing three more songs.” He doesn’t come back and the band has to tell the audience that the show is off. Can’t blame the pigeons on this one. Seriously? You guys are trying to come off now as mega rock n’ roll stars/primadonnas, but you can’t just puke behind an amp real quick and carry the show on? Hell, it might have been the most rock n’ roll thing Kings of Leon has done in years if Caleb puked in front of the audience and carried on. I might have a tad bit more respect for them.

After the incident, rumors are circulating that the band has internal problems (more than before) and that Caleb is probably gonna play the rehab card soon. At this point, I think it would be best if the band called it quits. The last album they made didn’t redeem them and apparently it stunk up the charts. They claim the next one will be better, but is anyone really willing to give these guys any more chances? I’m not keeping score too well, but last I checked, their poser radar was in the red and the needle wasn’t moving.

One of the other brothers comes onstage full of apologies and says “we know you guys hate us” and “it’s really not our fault.” While the disastrous end to this show may rest on Caleb’s shoulders alone, the direction the band has taken  and the light that everyone sees them in is….well, you get the idea.

2 Responses to “Kings of Leon Shit the Bed (Again), Can’t Hold Their Liquor”
  1. eat a dick i love kings brah!!!!!!!!

  2. Caleb’s outfit in the header photo is enough to make me hate him forever.

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