How To Make Weed Seem Uncool: Hannah’s Field

Every DEA agent and D.A.R.E. officer probably wishes that they thought of this. Who or what can make weed seem uncool? It’s something that’s been around for so long and doesn’t seem to be going away. Well, today, I found the answer: hippies. Specifically the ones in a band called Hannah’s Field.

Hannah’s Field is a Portland band that classifies themselves as gypsy reggae. I shit you not. These people actually woke up one morning and thought the idea of starting a gypsy reggae band sounded better than just hitting the bong and going back to bed. After hearing the song, “Puff Puff Give,” and watching the video, I realized they were still being serious.

I kept expecting Will Ferrell to pop into the video and make it seem like an unfunny joke for Nope. That guy with the dreads and Egyptian beard playing bongo drums is as serious as an erection problem and so is the ugly girl hippie with a guitar. They remind me of those college kids who think they’re “flower people” and wear tie-dye headbands. Ya know, the ones who claim to like Bob Dylan a lot (even though the only song they know is “These Times Are A-Changin'”)  but take one hit of weed and usually geek out EVERY TIME. Yeah, these are definitely them.”It comes from the Earth/Earth can’t hurt.” Honestly, if Ronald Reagan really wanted to end the war on drugs, he should have just shown this video in classrooms across America. If any kid in America thought that you could actually become these dorks from smoking weed, no one would have touched that shit.

2 Responses to “How To Make Weed Seem Uncool: Hannah’s Field”
  1. HannaH says:

    here is our song “Hippie Hater”…….we hope you enjoy it!

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